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Friday blog - Nordic ID at ICT & Logistiek - Upcoming Sales Meeting - Social Media success - Recommended articles

This week Nordic ID participated at the ICT & Logistiek. Read more about the event, our upcoming Sales Meeting, this week's Social Media success as well as our recommended logistics articles.

Nordic ID at the ICT&Logistiek 2016

The Netherlands is a logistics country, and it showed! Atte Kaskihalme (Business Area Director) and Hielke van Oostrum (Area Sales Manager) of Nordic ID met a steady flow of new customers and existing partners and customers at the ICT&Logistics tradeshow in Utrecht.

Nordic ID was part of the AIM collective and also participated in the guided auto-ID tours, showing the latest and greatest; that's what a trade show is all about!

"It is noticeable that we do not have to explain anymore what RFID is about. We can now start explaining how it actually is helping in business process improvement", Hielke commented after the event.

Atte and Hielke thank everybody for stopping by. It was great talking to all of you.

ICTLogistiek 2017

Please visit the Nordic ID website for our events calendar.

Sales meeting

We let you in on a little secret. The Nordic ID staff is already looking forward to next week as it is time for the Nordic ID Sales Meeting. What a great opportunity to get together.

Social media success

The RFID Arena reached more than 1700 followers on Twitter this week. If you are not yet one of them: click here and start following,

RFID Arena

Recommended reading

We have listed recommended articles from the perspective of RFID in logistics. Enjoy!  

RFID: greasing the wheels of Industrie 4.0

RFID for intralogistics - what actually is RFID and what are the benefits for me in logistics?

Data Collection Trends In Logistics and Manufacturing

Benefits of RFID in tracking assets and RTIs

We hope you had a nice week. Enjoy your weekend!

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